Liv Bellanti

Certifications: Personal Training from NCCPT, CF-L1.
Favorite Movements: Hand Stand Walks, Over Head Squats.
What do you like best about Crossfit? I love how there are always continuous challenges and new things to try. I also love the community that comes with CrossFit! The support and encouragement that is shared is unlike anything I’ve experienced anywhere else!


BJ Walters

Certifications: CF-L1
Favorite Movements: Snatch.
Best peice of advice?: “Go as hard as possible but know your limits”.
What do you like best about Crossfit? Like most- it provides the opportunity for people of all ages and fitness levels to improve their fitness and allows everyone to compete with one another through scaling.

Blake Donovan

Certifications: Crossfit Level 1
Best peice of advice?: "You can always row harder." My college rowing coach would say this to address a wide array of issues and problems on the water. I typically did not find this valuable advice. However, I now say this to myself all of the time when I am faced with a problem, things are not going my way, or i am simply tired. It helps me pick myself up and push forward with stubborn resilience. Sometimes the solution to a problem isn't complex, it's simply trying harder. When life hands you lemons, "you can always row harder."
What do you like best about Crossfit? The focus on overall health and performance. The community of people who participate in CrossFit value their health and well being and encourage others in that community and outside of that community to get and stay healthy. I believe diet and exercise are the best medicine. The CrossFit community is constantly prescribing that medicine. Beyond the health aspect, with Crossfit you are constantly measuring your personal performance. You are constantly pushing yourself to move faster, lift heavier, and acquire new skills. Coming from a collegiate rowing background there are a lot of aspects, mostly the pain cave, that I can relate to and find familiar in CrossFit.


Alanna Crowell

Certifications: CF-L1
Favorite Movements: Snatch, Clean&Jerk, Pistols.
Best peice of advice?: “If you suffer through the structure, you can conquer the chaos.”.
What do you like best about Crossfit? I like that anyone of any age, gender, or body type can participate. I like that a variety of people from different backgrounds and fitness levels, who may have never interacted, find something in common through CrossFit. I like that there is ALWAYS something to work on and that others in the CrossFit community are almost always willing to help you reach your goals. (It’s impossible for me to narrow it down to one specific thing I like best about CrossFit).